“Oshitari on a Certain Day” [Another Story Featurette]

[Original Subtitled Release: 06 June 2009 — Reposted as part of our move to WordPress. Thank you for your patience.]

“Oshitari on a Certain Day”
(Aru hi no Oshitari)
Oshitari on a Certain Day

Oshitari on a Certain Day

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Subtitles by Impetuosity Productions

I give permission to share this download link around with friends, on communities, other websites, etc. Please let me know if you’re posting it somewhere else, though.

That said, please do not post the video to streaming websites. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: The original anime Tennis no Oujisama is based on the manga by Konomi Takeshi, produced in association with NAS, MSC Animation, Production IG, and the Tennis no Oujisama Project. The DVD is released (in Japan only) by Bandai Visual. The owners retain all rights to the original work, and the fansub distributed above is for preview purposes only. Please support the creators.

Translation Notes

This chibi short details Oshitari’s on-going frustration with his teammates’ inability to properly follow his lead in a manzai comic routine. I feel for the poor boy. If only it weren’t such a ridiculously futile task to write in the English language stand-up comedy including jokes based on Japanese puns! I’d very much like to write a piece of fan fiction where Oshitari Yuushi and Kenya perform a properly executed manzai routine – but alas. Maybe I’ll try someday, but in the meantime, I have to get to work on these episodes.

This first disc includes two episodes – the first half of the “The Prince of Naniwa” (Naniwa no Oujisama), and the one-shot “Turbulence: The Young Atobe” (Fuu’un Shounen Atobe). The second disc, to be released on September 25, will include the second half of “The Prince of Naniwa” as well as a Rikkai Dai side story about Kirihara’s first year.

Although it’s the second episode on the disc, I’ll be translating the Hyoutei side story first. The reasons for this are three-fold:

  1. Atobe and his fellow freshman are unbelievably adorable.
  2. There’s no continuity between these two episodes, but there will be between the two parts of “The Prince of Naniwa”, and
  3. The CDs containing the kanji for the opening and ending songs will be having staggered releases, with the ending song for “The Prince of Naniwa” coming out last (July 22). If I run into trouble parsing the song lyrics by ear, I can get all the episodes out faster this way.

Thank you very much for watching!

Oh, and if you’ve seen Hetalia, you should note how much Ootori sounds like Italy when he’s singing.

8 Responses to ““Oshitari on a Certain Day” [Another Story Featurette]”

  1. peachfan Says:

    Kawaii Taki-san~! ^_^’

    Oh, and a note: the reason Ootori-san and Italia-san sounds so similar is because…they have the same seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke-san. ^_^’

    • impetuosity Says:

      ::smile:: Yep~! and Nihon is Eiji (Takahashi Hiroki).

      • peachfan Says:

        I know, it’s cool, isn’t it? Of course, it sounds more like Kikumaru-san is Italia-san. ^_^’ (Did you know Takahashi-san voices Kikumaru-san AND Kisarazu Ryou-san? And oddly enough, the guy who voiced Kajimoto Takahisa-san from Jyosei is both America-san and Canada-san. Should I really be adding these honorifics? Ah, whatever, even though I’m technically 3+ years older than these middle school brats. And…I’m ranting…*ignore*)

      • impetuosity Says:

        No worries… I’ll gladly admit that China’s my favorite character partially because Kaida Yuki (Fuji) does the voice. I’m a complete seiyuu nut.

      • peachfan Says:

        Hahaha, yes, I will admit Kaida-san is an extremely gifted seiyuu. Voicing all 3 Fuji siblings at some point of their lives? That’s skill, no doubt. Of course, I prefer Onosaka Masaya (Momo-chan and France). =P (COME OUT WITH A SINGLE ALREADY, MOMO! JUMP doesn’t count!)

      • impetuosity Says:

        Wow. With all the singles the series has put out, I didn’t even notice that Momo was so under-represented in solos. Do you count his “On the Radio” single?

      • peachfan Says:

        *sigh* Nope, since all the other Seigaku Regulars have an “On the Radio Single” too. =P ‘Tis a shame, but I guess the other 600+ songs will have to do…(But, seriously, Momo-chan’s being beaten out by Ginka’s captain now…)

      • impetuosity Says:

        And the same would go for the “Kiss of Prince” and “Love of Prince” video game songs, I guess… Not that they were ever singles. How very strange.

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